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Transform Your Health by Understanding Micronutrients | Chris Masterjohn PhD

Episode 39, duration 1 hr 19 mins
Episode 39

Transform Your Health by Understanding Micronutrients | Chris Masterjohn PhD

Chris Masterjohn holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Connecticut, having completed his degree in 2012. He later worked as a postdoctoral research associate in the Comparative Biosciences department of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for two years until August 2014. Afterward, he served as an Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College for two years, part of the City University of New York. Chris then made the decision to leave academia in the fall of 2016 and pursue entrepreneurship. Since January 2017, he has been conducting independent research, consulting, working on information products, and producing free content to help people achieve better health. Chris has a deep understanding of the power of food, movement, and mindfulness in promoting health and well-being, and translates complex science into practical principles that people can use to support their health.

In this episode we discuss:
– The optimal human diet.
– Do protein and red meat cause cancer and disease?
– How to meet your long-term health goals with nutrition.
– What do lab tests really tell you about your health?

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:01 The Optimal Human Diet

00:12:01 Protein & Longevity

00:21:01 Building Blocks for Detoxification

00:28:01 Sources of Protein

00:31:01 Animals vs Plants

00:42:01 Protein as Antioxidants

00:47:01 TMA & TMAO

00:50:01 The Next Big Thing

01:04:01 Best Ways of Looking at Nutrients

01:09:01 What’s Next?

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