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Meet Dr. Lyon

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is an accomplished board-certified family physician and a distinguished New York Times Bestselling author, lauded for her latest work, FOREVER STRONG: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well. Her book’s exceptional success has also earned her the esteemed titles of Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author.

At the forefront of modern medicine, Dr. Lyon is leading a revolutionary movement, focusing on the body’s largest organ—skeletal muscle. Her mission is to promote longevity and combat the pervasive threats of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes by optimizing muscle health.

Dr. Lyon’s rich background encompasses a dual research and clinical fellowship in geriatrics and nutritional sciences at Washington University, complemented by her undergraduate training in nutritional sciences at the University of Illinois. As an authority in the practical application of protein types and levels for health, performance, aging, and disease prevention, she is highly sought after as an educator.

Through her thriving private practice, influential YouTube channel, captivating podcast, and her bestselling book, Dr. Lyon poses a fundamental question: How can we foster strength not only in the weight room but in our daily lives? With unwavering dedication to cultivating consistent dietary and lifestyle habits, she empowers individuals to prioritize self-care and better support their loved ones, contributing to a world of enhanced strength and well-being.


The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show

Join Dr. Lyon and her guests to delve into the science behind attaining lasting quality of life and explore the ways in which we can rise above those physical and mental barriers that get in our way.