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During during the discovery call, you’ll meet with one of our representatives, where we’ll discuss our practice, package options, and more details about you. We’ll assess what you need and how we can assist moving forward.

“I help people all across the country optimize their health and metabolism, control blood sugar, and mitigate disease using my ground-breaking, MUSCLE-CENTRIC MEDICINE® approach”

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Working With Us Means:

  • Access to a team that supports your transformation with clear and present communication.
  • A tailored evolving personalized care plan based on your labs, your habits, your exposures, and your experiences.
  • A combination of prescription and natural treatment modalities to help you regain and sustain your optimal health.

Your Health is in Good Hands

I’d love to work with you to change the course of your health forever.

Board Certified Physician

An Approach You Can Trust

Research-Based Principles & Practice

Discover Optimal Health Faster, and at any Age.


We’ll work together to improve your muscle mass while decreasing your body fat (at any age).


We’ll work together to improve your energy, digestion, sleep – to live your best life.


Healthy aging is a choice….and yes, you can prevent the majority of diseases attributed to aging.

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