About Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Dr. Lyon received her doctorate in osteopathic medicine from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and is board-certified in family medicine.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where she studied vitamin and mineral metabolism, chronic disease prevention and management and the physiological effects of diet composition.

She also completed a research/clinical fellowship in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics at Washington University in St. Louis. 


Why Muscle-Centric Medicine?

Muscle-Centric Medicine dramatically improves your muscle health through a protein-smart diet, exercise, and lifestyle shifts. The benefits are astounding:

  • Improve your long-term health
  • Restore your metabolism
  • Reduce chronic disease risk and symptoms
  • Slim and strengthen your body
  • Boost energy levels and feelings of wellness 

Dr. Lyon's Philosophy

Muscle-Centric Medicine is the most revolutionary aspect of Dr. Lyon’s methods. Her ground-breaking concepts eliminate unwanted body fat and build muscle, allowing for continued metabolism boosts and long-term wellness. The key is to eat the right kinds of protein, and enough of them, at each meal. This stimulates the body’s natural muscle-building process, called “muscle protein synthesis”. 

Dr. also promotes exercise as another way to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. More than just physical activity, adults need muscle-targeting exercises to ensure long-term health and decreased risk of chronic disease.

Let’s be honest, though. Making changes in diet and exercise habits is a difficult process—one that requires more than just a good meal plan. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon uses holistic medicine to identify the emotional, environmental, and psychological factors that influence each patient. 

To learn more about what Dr. Lyon believes about eating habits, protein intake, and exercise be sure to download our Free Guide.  


Scientific studies support the concept that muscle holds the key to your most important metabolic functions.

It's time to start focusing on the 6th vital sign...muscle health.

More about Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

As a functional medicine physician, Dr. Lyon delves into the deepest sources of a patient’s discomfort, treating the entire individual instead of mere symptoms. She sees patients in New York, but her methods are transforming lives across the globe. 

Her specialty in muscle-centric medicine has led her to be featured on “The Doctors”, with published articles in Muscle and FitnessWomen’s HealthMen’s Health, and Harper’s Bazaar. The application of her expertise ranges from brain and thyroid health to lean body mass support and longevity.  

In her private practice, Dr. Lyon leverages evidence-based medicine and cutting-edge science to restore metabolism, balance hormones, and optimize body composition with the end goal of helping others discover lifelong vitality.

She treats patients of all walks of life – ranging from sarcopenic individuals that want to improve muscle and age independently - to overweight and pre-diabetic adults who need to improve lean body mass for better health - to those looking to improve wellness and protect against the chronic diseases associated with aging.

Her patients also include elite military operators such as Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Army Rangers and Canadian Assaulters, who benefit from her whole-body, whole-person approach, including advanced nutrition interventions, metabolic and genetic testing and personalized behavioral action plans. 

Dr. Lyon sees patients in New York City and resides in NYC  with her husband, who recently transitioned out of the Navy SEAL teams, and their daughter.

Are you ready to focus on the root cause of aging well?