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How to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy | Louisa Nicola

Episode 41, duration 1 hr 4 mins
Episode 41

How to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy | Louisa Nicola

Neurophysiologist and human performance coach, Louisa Nicola is the founder and head performance advisor of Neuro Athletics - a consulting firm that boasts the best athletes in the world. By using science driven data from EEG scans, labs tests and cognitive assessments, Louisa has a first class ticket inside the brain of elite NBA and MLB stars. Louisa graduated from the University of Sydney medical school with a master of medicine in neurophysiology and is currently completing her doctorate studying the effects of resistance exercise on the brain.

In this episode we discuss:
– Why exercise is the best prescription drug for brain health.
– Can exercise decrease your risk for Alzheimer’s?
– How to optimize your environment for cognitive function.
– What are the best hacks and tricks for brain longevity?
– How to improve the quality of your sleep.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:30 Alzehimer’s & the Healthcare System

00:04:30 What is Alzheimers?

00:09:30 How can you take care of your brain?

00:18:30 How do you improve the quality of sleep?

00:28:00 Tips for staying asleep

00:29:00 Nutrients & supplements

00:31:00 Ketones

00:34:00 Food & exercise timing around sleep

00:42:00 Going to the gym for brain health

00:44:00 Negative affects on the brain

00:51:00 What’s on the horizon?

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