Flood your practice with happy clients and referrals

Become trained in Muscle-Centric Medicine® to help your clients prevent lifestyle diseases.

The Muscle-Centric Medicine® Provider Course

Certification in optimizing patient wellness — even if they have stubborn body composition or comorbid conditions

*Disclaimer* This is NOT your typical standard medical training. 
It’s so much more than that.
  • You’ve always known deep down that there’s a better way, a more empowering way to treat your patients.
  • Especially your patients with body composition issues (and the physical and emotional challenges that come along with that).

And you’ve come up against a wall
within the confines of your medical training.

You keep seeing the same situation play out over and over again. Patients who are overweight, struggling with insulin resistance or high blood pressure…and despite your best efforts, the needle never really moves for their health.

You prescribe something to treat the symptoms, but you know there must be a better way.

Because most of the time, they eventually end up sicker, heavier…or worse.

  • You can’t expect the best patient outcomes when you’re:
  • Focusing on the eat less, move more paradigm
  • Not assessing the whole picture of your patient’s health, from sleep to their gut microbiome
  • Prescribing medications that are bandaids, not solutions

The only way to change this situation for
your patients (and yourself!) is to add Muscle-Centric Medicine® to your skill set.

How do I know that?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are.

Frustrated with the tools my training had given me.

And feeling despondent — because in my heart, I wanted more for my patients. More flourishing. More results. Less spiraling down into more challenging health diagnoses…ones I knew were nearly completely preventable.

I also had a practice that was doing OK, but I knew if I could just leverage my practical knowledge of the biology of aging and skeletal muscle and apply it to my patient’s treatment plan…that I could also do so much more.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I started assessing muscle mass along with blood pressure.

I began “writing prescriptions” for things like sleep and resistance training in addition to pharmaceuticals.

And the change I saw in my patients and my practice was phenomenal.

The results I was getting led to patient outcomes that were staggering — and in turn, my referral rate skyrocketed.

It’s time to revolutionize your practice. Because better patient care means more income and more satisfaction with your work, too.

You work hard, and you care deeply about your patients. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for longer hours and more stress. In this affordable, hands-on, fast-paced class, you’ll learn how to become a stronger diagnostician and give your patients the most effective treatments available. And that unlocks a whole world of possibility for you.

Here’s a sneak peek at the curriculum inside the course:

In the Muscle-Centric Medicine® Provider Course, you’ll get 10 modules, where you’ll learn:

The Biology of Aging

Where you’ll learn strategies to address and mitigate factors contributing to aging in your patient population

The Hormone Connection

You’ll get a complete understanding of the roles that hormones play in the maintenance of muscle mass and function and learn strategies to support your patients’ hormonal health

Muscle Assessment

A complete guide to assessing muscle quality with accuracy and precision with a particular focus on supporting the maintenance of muscle mass in patients at risk for sarcopenia

Muscle-Centric Pharmacy

I’m sharing the exact pharmacologic strategies that we use in my practice that have proven to be effective time and time again in our patient populations for hormone optimization, muscle growth, fat loss, anti-inflammation and more

Circadian Biology

A deep-dive into the impact of circadian biology on the regulation and function of the body as a whole and skeletal muscle specifically, with actionable strategies to optimize circadian health

For each module

you will have 2 weeks to learn and absorb the information. Then we will have a live Q&A session on the material

Gut-Muscle Axis

Here’s where your understanding of the gut microbiome will explode so you can help your patients support skeletal muscle growth and function

Final Q&A

At the end of the course, we’ll have a final Q&A session to tie everything together

Muscle-Centric Exercise

This module will show you the exact exercise regimens to prescribe for you patients so they can add muscle mass, whether they have sarcopenia or are looking to optimize their training

The Muscle-Centric Medicine® Provider Community

As part of this course, you’ll also get membership to our exclusive provider community, where you’ll have the opportunity to network with a community of like-minded physicians

Right now, you can get this value-packed certification course for $1,000 off the regular price!

Who is the Muscle-Centric Medicine® Provider Course for?

In order to become certified in Muscle Centric Medicine®, you must be a licensed:

  • MD/DO
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • NP or DNP
  • Master of Physician Assistant Studies
This course is also for providers who are ready to join the ranks of forward-thinking physicians who are at the forefront of revolutionizing patient care. 

Ready to step into a new way of helping your patients thrive?