Forever Strong Meal Plan

By Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Stimulate lean muscle mass, resilience and longevity.

The Origin of the Forever Strong Meal Plan

Muscle is your metabolic currency. The more muscle health you have, the better your trajectory of aging and the more effective your body is at managing carbohydrates and fat. Forever Strong is a protein-smart lifestyle that activates muscle building, corrects body composition, curbs inflammation and controls blood sugar with a diet designed around a targeted amount of the highest quality protein available.

Not all animal proteins are created equal, this plan ensures you consume the highest quality types and amounts of protein to give your body the building blocks it needs for ideal muscle health.

About the Forever Strong Meal Plan

What is the macro breakdown of this plan?

The calorie intake is 1600, which is evenly distributed throughout the day to 120 grams of protein, 120 grams of fiber-dense carbohydrates, and 71 grams of fat.

Who is this plan for?

Anyone looking to maintain current body composition or weight loss.

What if my daily protein requirements are higher than 120 grams per day?
You can supplement your meal plan with a daily whey protein shake or additional protein that can be added to your cart from the marketplace.

Where is the food sourced?

The Forever Strong meal plan features the finest organic animal protein and nutrient-dense produce through regenerative farmers.

All the meals that I have formulated with Daily Dose are

Regenerative farm to table ingredients | Nutritionally formulated | Chef-prepared | Ready-to-eat