175 Pounds is the New 130 Pounds

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175 𝓲𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓷𝓮𝔀 130⠀

I heard this quote while attending (virtually) a medical conference on obesity- this meeting is considered the gold standard in education. The conference discussed how fat mass disease is pathological, psychological, and pervasive.⠀

An unhealthy body weight is a real disease. ⠀

Before you get upset and take this as “fat-shaming” or the other slander, please understand this is not. ⠀

It is a wake-up call to find an answer before its too late. And I have seen what it looks like to be too late. ⠀

It was disappointing to hear the experts’ solutions, which utilized insufficient data and information that only tells part of the story. We not only have an obesity problem, but we also have an agenda problem.⠀

The pathophysiology of obesity and drugs was discussed, all of which were relevant and helpful.⠀

Interestingly, an extensive section on nutrition was taught by individuals who are perpetuating a plant-based agenda utilizing data that no nutritional scientist would stand behind.⠀

It is sad, frightening, and unfortunate I need to continue to speak out about this. Still, I have cared for those hospitalized, institutionalized, and died based on this kind of misinformation. ⠀

Physicians don’t have a chance to optimize and thoroughly protect patients if they are misinformed.⠀

It a hard pill to swallow when healthcare professionals are misguided; no wonder it is so hard to get trusted and solid information out to the public.⠀

Mistakes are happening from the top down. I will continue to put my best efforts forth so that you and your family are protected. ⠀

Knowledge is power. ⠀

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