The Power to Serve and Execute

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Shane is a humble guy who doesn’t say much …besides, talk is cheap.

He speaks through his actions.

Yesterday two things happened; our baby boy turned a month old, and Shane finished his second year of medical school.

This is a huge feat for many reasons. 🙌🏼

He’s worked for years to get here.

Shane took in-person evening classes to finish college while working 12 hour days in the field as an active-duty SEAL. His day started at 5 am and finished at 11 pm/12 am… day after day. I never heard him complain. I just watched him charge ahead.

While overseas on deployment, he taught himself calculus and physics during his downtime.

While in med school, the curriculum is rigorous, and the hours unkind to a beat-up veteran with two little kids.

In all seriousness, if you are not 100% dialed into medical school, it’s easy to fail out.

Distractions of any kind are the enemy.

Things don’t come easy for him. He was disciplined and willing to work at it. There was no story about how hard it was… no drama attached—just execution.

He is not a natural student, nor has he ever had anything handed to him.

What drives him?

A deep-seated obligation to serve his fellow man.

I’m so proud of you. We are all proud of you.

This is a milestone @shanekron

I love you with all my heart.