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Recent Reviews

“Dr. Lyon is my doctor and literally the best doctor and person ever!!!! Love love love her!!!” – J
“Thank you for all the great info! I have been so confused about the HRT puzzle and all the confusing info about menopause. I felt so defective listening to mainstream. Your podcast makes me feel empowered!
Thank you!” – S
“Such an informative and logical podcast! So powerful coming from a woman. We need more of this!!”
“Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is hands down one of the BEST physicians and fitness professions that offers advice that is evidence based not just opinionated. I have learned so much her podcast and continue to better myself because of her. EVERYONE need Dr. Lyons in their life!”
“Dr. Lyon’s research-based info and content is educational to a T. I am so grateful she shares her knowledge in such a tangible and accessible way.”