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What happens after the 6-week program?

That’s up to you! You can take what you’ve learned and started implementing and simply continue, or you can join my Forever Strong Community for ongoing support and education. Mid-way through the program we will share more about that with you so you can decide how to proceed.

If I read Forever Strong, don’t I know everything you are going to share in this program?
Maybe! The beauty of this program is that it isn’t solely informational. We are here to give you the practical support you need to actually IMPLEMENT with full workouts and recipes for meal plans. Additionally, you get the support from my team on Q+A calls, and in our community chat. The book is a GREAT baseline, but the program is going to help you put it all into action! 
What if I want to work with you 1:1?
I am not currently taking on 1:1 clients, and this program is not 1:1. However, my team of Muscle-Centric trained PAs, physicians, nutritionists, and RD’s are accepting clients through my practice. You can learn more on my main website.
What if I am a vegetarian or vegan?
While we have several options for swapping out meat and dairy, this program does lean heavily on animal based meal options. However, we have team members who can answer questions inside our app on how to make swaps that are equivelent.
Do I need access to a gym for the workouts?
No. Our workouts can be done at home or at a gym. You will however need access to a few sets of free weights.

You are someone who takes your health and wellness seriously.

You are ready to start creating the lifestyle habits of the world’s highest performers despite being a busy parent, professional, or both.

You are looking for EXPERT guidance and support – not an influencer’s trendy online plan.

You want to create habits that lead to looking your best – but NOT at the expense of long-term health and longevity.

You want to be here – full of vitality, energy, and creativity – for MANY years to come and are ready to invest in your health to accomplish your goals.

And I want to help you do that.

My concierge practice patients pay THOUSANDS of dollars per month, but the investment for this program is less than your last trip to Target.

For only $247 you get 6 weeks of:

  • Foundations of Muscle-Centric Medicine
  • Workouts
  • Recipes to build an ideal meal plan based on your needs
  • Q&A support
  • Community and accountability to hit your goals

It’s time to FINALLY take your health, wellness, and fitness into your own hands.


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