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You Can Reverse Aging with Muscle | Kevin Murach PhD

Episode 81, duration 1 hr 27 mins
Episode 81

You Can Reverse Aging with Muscle | Kevin Murach PhD

Kevin A. Murach, Ph.D., completed a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, then earned his Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics from the Ball State Human Performance Laboratory in Muncie, Indiana. After Ball State, Dr. Murach spent six years as a post-doctoral fellow/scholar studying muscle stem cells at the University of Kentucky Center for Muscle Biology in Lexington under the guidance of Drs. Charlotte Peterson and John McCarthy. He now is an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas. His current research uses human muscle samples, primary cell culture and genetically modified mouse models to understand the molecular cues that drive exercise adaptations and aging, and the interaction between the two.

You Can Reverse Aging with Muscle - Kevin Murach PhD

In this episode we discuss:
– Why Yamanaka factors matter for muscle adaptation and age reversal.
– How does exercise improve longevity?
– What is DNA methylation and how does it affect muscle?
– How to train for overall health and aging.

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:05:49 – Aging Muscle and Exercise

00:11:17 – Decline in Muscle Mass with Aging and Physical Activity

00:16:12 – Muscle Biopsy and Molecular Reprogramming

00:22:21 – Epigenetics and Gene Expression

00:32:57 – Yamanaka Factors and Exercise

00:38:47 – Transcription Factors and Exercise

00:44:20 – Exercise and Gene Expression

00:49:46 – Mick Protein Levels in Muscle

00:54:56 – The Epigenetic Profile and Aging

01:00:40 – Methylation Aging and Functional Changes

01:05:46 – DNA Methylation and Exercise Training

01:16:15 – Balancing Strength and Endurance in Exercise

01:21:19 – The Importance of Endurance and Resistance Training

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