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You Can Conquer Trauma and PTSD | Chris Frueh PhD

Episode 92, duration 1 hr 57 mins
Episode 92

You Can Conquer Trauma and PTSD | Chris Frueh PhD

B. Christopher Frueh, PhD is a professor of psychology at the University of Hawaii. He has over thirty years of professional experience working with military veterans, servicemembers, special operators, private defense contractors, and firefighters; and has conducted clinical trials, epidemiology, historical, and neuroscience research. He has co-authored over 300 scientific publications. He was previously a professor of psychiatry at Medical University of South Carolina and Baylor College of Medicine. He has published commentaries in the National Review, Huffington Post, New York Times, Time, Men’s Journal, and Special Operation Association of America.

You Can Conquer Trauma and PTSD - Chris Frueh PhD

In this episode we discuss
– What’s the real cause of anxiety and depression?
– How to always be the best version of yourself.
– What is stress inoculation and how can it help you?
– Cutting edge mental health treatments that actually work.

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:07:50 – Operator Syndrome

00:14:51 – PTSD Diagnosis

00:23:08 – Optimizing Your Wellness

00:30:15 – Low Testosterone and its Effects

00:37:11 – Chronic Pain

00:44:15 – Toxic Exposures

00:52:34 – The Allostatic Load and Stress Perception

00:59:29 – Stress Inoculation for Resilience

01:21:17 – Stellate Ganglion Block Therapy

01:34:50 – The Future of Treatments

01:41:58 – Q&A

01:49:29 – Cancers in Veterans

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