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Understanding Cancer: Preventing and Lowering Your Risk | Joe Zundell PhD

Episode 28, duration 1 hr and 28 mins
Episode 28

Understanding Cancer: Preventing and Lowering Your Risk | Joe Zundell PhD

Dr. Joe Zundell received his PhD in cancer biology through the University of the Sciences and The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, PA. As a cancer biologist he has over 10 years of cancer research experience. Much of his published research has focused on finding new therapies for the treatment of many different cancer types upon epigenetic and metabolic characteristics of cancers. Currently, he is a Research Scientist at a biotherapeutic company near Philadelphia where he is examining Immunotherapies for treating cancers. Joe aims to develop and characterize therapies to enhance cancer patient outcomes. Secondly, he aims to produce educational tools to enable better scientific understanding and instructing. Thirdly, and lastly, he aims to have his own lab with his own projects to progress cancer research.

In this episode we discuss:
– What causes cancer.
– How can you lower your risk of cancer?
– The food and lifestyle practices that actually make a difference.
– Can supplements prevent cancer?

00:00 Coming Up on The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show

00:50 BetterHelp

02:18 Introducing Dr. Joe Zundell

05:58 What is cancer?

08:26 Dr. Zundell’s Studies, Chemotherapy, & Pathways

12:42 The Complexity of Cancer

15:43 Genetic or Metabolic Origins?

19:25 Alcohol & Cancer

21:08 Timeline Nutrition

22:42 Normalizing labeling for carcinogenic risks

26:09 Chemicals in foods

28:40 How do we combat the fear around nutrition?

29:34 Cancer Risks

31:11 Exercise & Cancer

32:41 Can reduce the risk of getting cancer?

34:01 Protein & Cancer Risk

40:09 Early Detection

45:52 The Misconception of Remission

47:27 InsideTracker

48:56 Natural Modalities & Supplements

59:33 Do carbs speed up cancer growth?

1:03:40 Timing of therapeutic strategies

1:05:10 Fasting & Chemotherapy

1:06:30 IV Vitamin C & Ozone Therapies

1:06:54 Stress & Personality Types

1:08:22 Reducing risks for firefighters

1:08:35 1st Phorm Supplements

1:10:04 Reducing risks for firefighters

1:13:02 Can charred meats are carcinogenic?

1:15:27 Prostate cancer & TRT

1:16:26 Do high cortisol levels cause cancer?

1:17:44 Ovarian, Leukemia, and Liver Cancers

1:19:00 How effective are treatments for breast cancer?

1:22:00 Common myths surrounding cancer

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