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Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Is It Only for Men? | Dr. Rob Kominiarek

Episode 61, duration 1 hr 11 mins
Episode 61

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Is It Only for Men? | Dr. Rob Kominiarek

Dr. Rob Kominiarek D.O., FACOFP is a board-certified Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians and a Fellows Crest Award Winner with advanced training in Age Management Medicine and Hormone Optimization. He is president of ReNue Health®. Dr. Rob is a graduate of Nova-Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He completed his residency training at Ohio University, Grandview Hospital and Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Ohio University. Dr. Rob is a veteran of the United States Army and is an Amazon bestselling author with a passion directed towards overall health of the mind and body through proper nutritional habits, regular exercise, appropriate supplementation, and the intelligent optimization of hormones.


In this episode we discuss:
– The future of the healthcare industry.
– Is testosterone replacement therapy for you?
– Why strength training is better than endurance training for longevity.
– The real science behind optimizing your hormones.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:19 Why Testosterone?

00:08:53 Focusing On Men’s Hormones

00:14:30 The Science of Testosterone Replacement

00:18:07 Is Testosterone Cardioprotective?

00:20:51 Clomid vs Enclomophine

00:31:45 Ideal Testosterone Levels

00:39:44 Testosterone and CAG Repeat Issues

00:43:37 Treatment Strategies

00:48:13 Dosing Clomid

00:56:13 The Future of Medical Therapy

00:58:47 Calming Unnecessary Fears

01:06:34 Testosterone and Prostate Disease

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