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Overcome the Impossible with this Mindset | Jason Redman

Episode 18, duration 1 hr 15 min
Episode 18

Overcome the Impossible with this Mindset | Jason Redman

Jason Redman is a retired Navy SEAL and NY Times bestselling author of The Trident and Overcome. Jason uses his 21-year Navy SEAL career to relate how the mindset practiced for decades to lead, build elite teams and deal with the highest levels of adversity can transform your life and business. Jason teaches how his Overcome Mindset helped him rise above a leadership failure, vicious enemy ambush, life-changing injuries, and even a debilitating business crisis. Jason’s incredible story, positive message, and vibrant energy make him a highly demanded-speaker both nationally and internationally. In this episode, we discuss: - How mindset is your most powerful tool - Why doctors should stop treating patients as numbers - How to bounce back after reaching your mental & physical breaking point - True healing starts when you stop feeling sorry for yourself

00:00 Jason Redman Introduction

01:13 Trident Coffee

02:46 How Jason and I met

06:21 Jason’s final deployment and battle wounds

13:59 What was your thought process on the battlefield?

17:16 Emotional and physical ambushes

23:54 PaleoValley

25:28 The Orange Sign

32:17 A message to all medical professionals. Looking in the mirror for the first time

36:35 How long was the recovery process?

41:25 The reality of facial injuries. What was it like stepping out into the public eye?

44:28 How did you change when you got home? How did Jason’s family navigate this time?

50:33 The top 3 tips for leadership

51:34 1st Phorm Supplements

51:51 Building your team

58:14 What is the key to healthy and successful relationships?

1:01:55 Committing to transforming yourself

1:04:40 Fourth life ambush