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Medical Advice from the Military Elite | Dr Bryan Stepanenko

Episode 30, duration 1 hr and 29 mins
Episode 30

Medical Advice from the Military Elite | Dr Bryan Stepanenko

Dr. Stepanenko recently retired from the military after completing seven years as an active duty Army family physician and was a firefighter/paramedic in South Florida prior to his military medical career. He recently joined Gabrielle Lyon’s medical practice as the lead physician and is an ambassador for the Institute for Muscle Centric Medicine. He practices Lifestyle & Performance Medicine with specialty training in Functional Medicine (IFMCP) and is teaching staff for the military’s only Functional Medicine training pathway. He lectures internationally on Warfighter Human Performance & Wellness, focusing on ways of identifying and mitigating threats to health and performance in the military Operational Environment and every day life.

In this episode we discuss:
– What it’s like to jump from active duty to practicing medicine
– What is functional medicine, and who can practice it?
– How we can start treating our Special Operations Forces (SOF) Operators better immediately.
– How to live your best life from a muscle centric perspective.

00:00 Coming up on The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show

00:48 Timeline Nutrition

02:13 Introducing Dr. Bryan Stepanenko, a physician in my practice

14:48 Different forms of functional care

19:35 Eight Sleep

21:09 Functional medicine for the military

35:50 Our team’s mission of Muscle-Centric Medicine

43:08 Infectious disease, Gut health, and Who we serve

47:02 InsideTracker

48:33 How do you know if you’re reaching your potential

1:03:36 Who is qualified to look at labs? Conventional and holistic care

1:07:25 1st Phorm Supplements

1:08:54 Chemical exposure, weight gain, and thinking outside of the box

1:17:00 Tools to improve your health

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