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Manage Your Fear: How to be Ready for Anything | Tony Blauer

Episode 16, duration 1 hr 15 min
Episode 16

Manage Your Fear: How to be Ready for Anything | Tony Blauer

The secret to being ready for anything is learning to manage your fear. Coach Tony Blauer has been in the martial art, self-defense, defensive tactics, and combatives industry for over four decades. He founded Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) in 1985 and it has grown into one of the world's leading consulting companies specializing in the research and development of performance psychology, personal safety, and close quarter tactics & scenario-based training for law enforcement, military, and professional self-defense instructors. Mr. Blauer's travels extensively working with individuals, corporations, and government organizations around the world providing solutions for training, performance assessment, and credentialing. His company is dedicated to enhancing the mental and physical safety of everyone they help train. In this episode we discuss: - How to manage fear - The one thing you should never outsource - Why you need to learn situational awareness - Avoiding becoming a victim of violence

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00:00 Coming up on The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show

01:10 Apollo

02:43 Introduction

04:40 What is fear?

10:16 The importance of understanding fear management, self-awareness, and situational awareness

12:37 If someone experiences violence, are they better at managing it the second time?

17:39 InsideTracker

23:32 if you had to choose one skill to learn, what would it be?

24:30 Technical vs. tactical and stimulus-response

28:32 How can a mom plan for safety?

34:14 Exploring your intuition

37:22 Tony’s experience managing fear

42:38 Violence love’s speed

48:32 1st Phorm Supplements

50:12 Takeaways for every individual

58:39 What do bad guys want?

1:00:04 Should you go out with all your kids?

1:01:44 Social media’s influence on violence

1:04:17 You can’t be brave without being afraid