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How to Achieve Optimal Rest and Recovery | Dr. Kirk Parsley

Episode 60, duration 1 hr 48 mins
Episode 60

How to Achieve Optimal Rest and Recovery | Dr. Kirk Parsley

Dr. Parsley began his journey into the realm of peak human performance when he became a Navy SEAL at the ripe age of 19 years and went on to serve during the Gulf War. After a brief hiatus from the SEAL community to complete his undergraduate studies, medical school, his internship and residency, Dr. Parsley then went full-circle and became the physician for the West Coast SEAL teams. His incredible success with the SEALs lead to him becoming the go-to medical human performance expert for not only the SEALs, but the entire special forces of the US military, even after his departure from the military practice and into private consulting. Dr. Parsley is currently a highly sought after human performance expert and works with the elite of the elite in their respective fields. Countless entrepreneurs, professional sports teams, top tier athletes, international corporations, and high level executives turn to Doc when they need that extra boost to ascend to their peak capabilities.


In this episode we discuss:
– Why better sleep is the most powerful thing you can do for overall health.
– What you can do to perform at your most optimal levels.
– How to counteract the effects of chronic stress.
– Peptides, Hyperbaric, Psychedelics, and other cutting-edge performance boosters.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:39 Navy SEALs: Kirk’s Story

00:09:31 Treating Fatigued Soldiers

00:15:54 Getting off Ambien

00:22:25 Peptides and Hormones

00:26:25 Nootropic Growth Factors for PTSD

00:30:40 Peptide Deep Dive

00:42:52 Testosterone Production in Men with Low Levels

00:46:29 Clomid vs. Enclomophine

00:50:30 What About Stimulants Like Caffeine and Nicotine?

00:51:36 Sleep Deprivation and Brain Health

00:58:25 How to Sleep With a Stimulant

01:06:21 More Anxiety-Relieving Drugs?

01:14:21 How to Lower Your Stress

01:25:22 Traumatic Brain Injuries

01:33:04 Hyperbarics and Chronic Head Injuries

01:42:15 Getting Enough Sleep

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