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Defy Aging: Get Fit at Any Age | Pauline Adeleke

Episode 14, duration 1 hr 4 min
Episode 14

Defy Aging: Get Fit at Any Age | Pauline Adeleke

At the youthful age of 70 years-young Fitness Coach Pauline Adeleke has taken on the task of educating others about the undeniable benefits of exercise and fitness. She has successfully set out to accomplish this mission by inspiring and motivating people of all ages through her Ageless Fitness Lifestyle Channel on YouTube, and providing fitness training sessions with clients in person as well as remotely. A recurring theme of hers is: it’s never too late to get in shape regardless of your age. Using herself as an experimental study for over 60 years, CoachPauline stands firmly behind the belief that a person can will themselves into an early death ORwillthemselves to good health and longevity through diet and exercise. In this episode we discuss:

  • How to overcome adversity when it seems impossible
  • Why mental fitness is the most important kind of fitness
  • Can you reverse aging with exercise?
  • What’s the biggest investment you can make in yourself?

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