Muscle Holds the Key

Muscle is the largest organ in the body. Muscle-centric medicine harnessses the power of this system to heal the body, improve metabolism, build better body composition, and combat the diseases associated with aging.

This organ provides not only our physical architecture and locomotion but our physiological infrastructure as well. Muscle health needs to be nutured through nutrition, lifestyle, and proper exercise.

The benefits of better muscle health are endless and ultimately result in improved energy, balanced body composition, improved metabolism, and greater mobility. In fact we now know that muscle holds the key to optimal aging.


We Focus On These 3 Principles:


A goal of proper nutrition is to activate "muscle protein synthesis" (muscle building). This is only achieved by feeding the body with the proper building blocks, consuming the right kinds and right amount of protein throughout the day.


Emotional health is as important as physical, and often precedes phsical transformations. Discovering your own "WHY" puts purpose behind your action and will set your mind up for success.


Exercise activates muscle but it is also closely linked with enhanced mood and cognition. A lot of people do physical activity, but not many truly exercise. Exercise should be properly planned and executed with programs that result in steady progression.

“Muscle is perhaps the most important system as it relates to combating our current health crisis, regaining exceptional health, and maximizing physical performance. It becomes all the more important as we age, yet is often the most overlooked, even by modern-day medical practices. Muscle-centric medicine focuses on this organ of longevity. It is fast becoming the 6th vital sign

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

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