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Focus on What Matters Most for Quality of Life & Longevity

Muscle-Centric Medicine ®

MUSCLE-CENTRIC MEDICINE® shifts the focus away from reactively quantifying and treating disease to proactively quantifying and optimizing your health by focusing on the biggest organ in your body: skeletal muscle. We measure and optimize your skeletal muscle’s composition, function, and context to improve your metabolic function, hormonal balance, and body composition.

We prioritize personalized lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise strategies to build foundational healthy habits. We then layer in evidence-based integrative and innovative interventions (including pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, herbal supplements, and hormonal replacement therapy as needed), to accelerate the change, and ensure results that turn heads and make you feel great.

This approach exceeds the standards of care in a safe and medically-supported way to maximize your healthspan, not just increase your longevity.

More than just strength

The Power of Muscle: More than Strength

When we consider the functionality of muscles, we usually think about strength and mobility. But muscle holds far more power than supporting your physical architecture.
As the largest organ in your body, your muscular system is your metabolic currency, your reservoir for amino acids, and it plays a vital role in fighting inflammation throughout your body. Muscle is also the largest site for glucose metabolism, which is critical to reversing insulin resistance and preventing or even treating chronic illnesses such as diabetes or cognitive decline.

Cell signals (myokines) released from muscle during physical activity interact with cell signals released from fat cells (adipokines) and even chemical signals from your microbiome to influence how your brain and bodywork.

You have much more direct control over the messages being sent and how your body and brain are functioning than you probably know.

Start with the Lyon Protocol 2.0™ and begin your journey to right your potential metabolic wrongs, correct your body composition, take care of your inflammation, and regain control of your blood sugar. The Lyon Protocol 2.0™ is a core nutrition reset that reinforces principles that will last with you for life.

The 3 Keys to Muscle Health

MUSCLE-CENTRIC MEDICINE® dramatically improves muscle health through three key elements: nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.


Proper nutrition via a protein-smart diet activates muscle protein synthesis (muscle building). Not all proteins are created equal, and Dr. Lyon’s protocol and counseling (e.g., through health and wellness plans like the PROTEIN PULSING DIET™) considers your preferences to ensure you consume the suitable types and amounts of protein to give your body the building blocks it needs for optimal muscle health.


When your muscles contract, they release anti-inflammatory responses called myokines and are closely linked with enhanced mood and cognition. As our patient, we’ll interface with your trainer or recommend a fitness professional to track and provide a team approach.


Emotional health is critical to your quality of life. Physical health triggers mental health, and mental health invokes emotional health, which is crucial in your positive physical transformation. Delving into the reasons behind current habits and creating new ones with meaning and purpose is fundamental to your success.

“Muscle is perhaps the most important organ system to combat our current health crisis, regain exceptional health and maximize physical performance. Muscle health becomes more important as we age, yet is often the most overlooked–even by modern-day medical practices. MUSCLE-CENTRIC MEDICINE® focuses on this, the organ of longevity. Muscle is fast becoming the 6th vital sign.”

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

The Silent Epidemic: Muscle Loss

The current obesity epidemic is not an epidemic of being over-fat, but being under-muscled. Loss of muscle leads to rises in cortisol, insulin, stress hormones and blood sugar levels. These issues can occur quietly, without significant gains in weight, which is why it’s vital to measure these markers of your internal health.

By focusing on the potential of increasing muscle strength instead of the pathology of obesity, we treat disease and create a platform for sustainable vitality and dynamic wellness.

Muscle Health Shapes Your Healthspan

Muscle is the key to longevity and aging well. As we age, our quality of life depends on our muscle health. More muscle means less fragility, fewer falls, more strength, and more mobility. With more muscle, you’re more able to fight off illness, recover from injury, maintain cognitive abilities, and prevent chronic disease.
“The more muscle health you have, the better your trajectory of aging.” – Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Anabolic Resistance

As we age, our bodies become resistant to common anabolic stimuli such as dietary protein and exercise, blunting the process of muscle protein synthesis. To combat this anabolic resistance, your diet needs to become increasingly protein-rich as you age, and you continue to pursue targeted resistance exercise.

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