Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine™

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a medical doctor, and founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine™, an innovative medical practice and education entity focused on muscle health and wellness.

The institute also functions as a think tank that includes some of the most trusted and brightest minds to move forward the importance of muscle as the pinnacle of health rather than a peripheral component. Muscle is the organ of longevity™ and is supported by the most current research in the field of health sciences. We now know that muscle holds the key to optimal aging.

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Lyon has developed a revolutionary method: Muscle-Centric Medicine™. Our superior treatments, in combination with our customized meal plans, educational services, one-on-one seminars, weekly counseling, and nutritional products, eliminate unwanted body fat and build muscle, allowing for continued metabolic health and long-term wellness.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon’s methods and targeted exercises not only promote physical activity but also stimulate muscle protein synthesis that ensures lasting health and decreases the risk of chronic disease while improving energy, balance body composition, improving metabolism, and greater mobility.