Dr. Lyon Patient Testimonials

Lieutenant Jason C. Redman, USN is a retired naval officer and U.S. Navy SEAL. He is the founder and spokesperson of the nonprofit organization Wounded Wear and the author of the memoir The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Officer.

Elena Brower is a teacher, podcast host & author of Art of Attention & Practice You. She is known for bringing a resonant, relevant voice that speaks directly to your heart, Elena offers classes and retreats globally.

Bedros Keuilian is the mastermind behind many of the most successful brands, businesses, thought leaders, and best-selling authors throughout multiple industries. He has written the book, Man Up, and is the owner of an international franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp and has been featured on TV shows featured on ABC, NBC, Spike TV, in popular magazines, & on top of the New York Times Bestseller list.

"Dr. Gabrielle Lyon has been my trusted thyroid doctor and advocate for my health, and beyond that, an incredible mentor, colleague and friend. Gabrielle’s wisdom and vast knowledge of comprehensive medicine and metabolic nutrition has been a catalyst for my healing from Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid symptoms, and her work has inspired the nutrition and lifestyle recommendations I suggest to others on similar paths."

- Fern Olivia (Founder of Thyroid Yoga, LA & Costa Rica)

"I’m a professional racecar driver, which as you can imagine, is not only physically demanding but mentally demanding as well. In December of last year, I felt so bad and was pretty certain that my career was over. I went to so many doctors I lost count and truthfully lost a little faith. Fortunately, Gabrielle was recommended to me and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for her. Gabrielle is not only is she fantastic, but she truly cares. After two weeks of being on the program Gabrielle put me on, I started to see a considerable difference. And to her credit, I went from being in last place to winning the last 3 races fighting for the championship.""

- Private (NYC)

I have known Dr. Gabrielle Lyon for several years. She has completely changed the way I look at not only food but exercise and lifestyle. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is brimming with information that she delivers with such expertise and authority, you know you are being so well cared for. Everything is explained in a manner that is understandable and designed specifically for you. It makes you feel so special! Dr. Lyon is the consummate Doctor and like a detective, she will unravel your story and put you on the right track. Make an appointment to see her...You will be forever grateful to her as I am.

— Gerri (NYC)

"Most doctors merely focus on getting their patients to a 'status quo' level of health where Dr. Lyon focuses on continually optimizing your state of wellness based on your own health goals. Her mission is to holistically engineer superheroes, and if you want to feel like one then look no further." 

Nick T (NYC)

“She takes such a holistic approach to care that I immediately knew things were now different. She talked to me about nutrition in a way that was easy to understand and implement.  I learned protein isn't bad, and in fact, maybe I wasn't eating enough.  I've developed a new relationship to food thanks to Dr. Gabrielle.  I've also developed a new relationship with working out and am seeing amazing results with a lot of hard work and commitment."

Lauren H. (NYC)

Dr. Gabrielle is the most caring, sincere and intelligent doctor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Unlike many doctors, even functional medicine docs, she has a specialty in nutrition which is invaluable as I'm a huge believer in food as medicine. Her bedside manner should set the bar for all doctors - plain and simple. She spends the full appointment with you, makes you feel comfortable to ask questions and take ownership of your health. I've never felt more confident about getting better with a doctor before. She's a great teacher and has supported me in ways I never knew a doctor could.

Alison Marras (NTC @ FoodbyMars, New York City)

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